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Art Gallery FAQ's

Um... About that Big Watermark...?

The watermark is there to keep bad people from stealing our work.  Rest assured that it will NOT be on your finished product.

The Edges of the Photo are Getting Cropped Off.  Can You Fix That?

Sometimes!  The proportions of our original photos don't match every print or item size exactly.  When you are ordering, look for an "Edit" icon in the bottom right corner, under the large image.  This will allow you to position the image the way you want in the finished product.  You can also look for other sizes of prints that more closely match the proportions of the original image.  Be especially careful with panoramic images!

Is Ordering Secure?

Yes!  If you ever have worries about the security of any payment portal, look for the lock icon on your browser bar.

Secure order payment is handled by and fulfillment and shipping for the Art Gallery is handled by

Am I Giving You Access to My Payment Method?

No!  We never see your payment method details.  Everything is handled securely by

Can I Pay in a Different Currency?

Unfortunately, no.  Because we are an Italian company, with Italian bank accounts, we need to process everything in Euros.  Your payment method (credit card or PayPal) may allow you to pay in other currencies, just be aware there may be a fee involved.  Check with your card issuer or PayPal for details.

Who Prints and Ships my Order?

All orders are fulfilled by  They have a network of printing houses world-wide, and there is no way to know in advance exactly which printer will fulfill your particular order.  That being said, all orders are quality checked by's printers before they are shipped.

What If I Have Problems?

If your order is lost in transit or arrives damaged you will need to reach out to for assistance.  Your receipt for the order will have the relevant contact information- don't lose that info!  If you have issues with the quality of the image on an item you purchase, please reach out to BOTH and Una Strada Oltre.  We want you to be happy with your purchase!

I Really Like a Particular Photo on Your Website/Facebook Page.  I Don't See it in the Art Gallery.  Can You Add it?

Possibly!  We can quickly add images to the Art Gallery, but please understand that if the image contains easily recognizable individuals (not in a public crowd), we will not be able to put them up for sale.  Most of our photos of people are captured in the moment at festivals around Italy, and we do not have the time to acquire the model releases necessary to sell the photos.  So enjoy the photos, and come visit Italy in person to see and meet these wonderful people (maybe during one of our Photography Classes?).